Tips in Patching Up a Drywall

One of the reasons why a homeowner would pick a drywall instead of a plaster is because a drywall’s benefits and advantages overweighs that of the plaster. One of this is the ease of drywall repair. Drywall is not only a lot cheaper compared to plaster but also it is easier to repair it if there is a need.

That is why it is easy to deal with the drywall during repairs or home improvements. If you are planning on painting you would need to make sure that the wall is smooth for ease of painting. You don’t have to worry about that you can make your wall good as new with a couple of tips in patching up a drywall and making the job a whole lot easier.

In this article, you will tackle some tips on patching up your drywall, for a smooth finish.

1. Use a sealing type primer filler

If you want a flawless finished look you will need to use this sealing type primer especially before any painting is done. Otherwise the areas where the work is done will show up. You don’t really want that because it will show up as patchy and totally not your type of thing at all.

2. Use Repair Spray for cracks

Cracks on walls happens due to the slight shifting of the material either because of a shift on the foundation or the stress of the movement of the frame of windows or doors. If this happens you can use repair spray for the cracks to help the support the cracks longer.

3. One Swipe of filling holes

Tiny holes such as screws and nails can be fixed with joint compound. To make the filling a lot more seamless a technique professional drywall fixers would use will be to fill the holes with one swipe instead of doing it one by one. This technique is a lot faster and a lot cleaner to do.

4. Seal Drywall paper (exposed)

Before any patching is made with your drywall if there are drywall papers exposed make sure to seal that up. Foregoing the sealing of this drywall paper will cause bigger problems. The moisture from the patching compound will soak through this paper and you will have bigger problems later on. So, you better take care of this now rather than later.

5. Lights for any fixes

To ensure that you do not skip any defects because you didn’t notice it before. Use high beam lights to accentuate those defects so they are easier to detect in the long run. When walls are being prepared for any patching this is an easier way detecting those defects rather than trying to find it through feel.

There are many tips for patching up drywalls, there are many videos available for how its supposed to fix drywalls instead. There really isn’t much of a worry when it comes to that, as long as you are not afraid to ask for help from professionals or willing to try and put effort on things you can make the job of patching up walls a lot easier.


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